Welcome to BilligVVS, an expert in both plumbing and e-commerce

Dec 18, 2019 |

Helle Vad Jespersen

By Helle Vad Jespersen


It is with the greatest pleasure that we welcome our new client, BilligVVS.

The personalization solution on their platform spans across the entire online user journey and provides personalized recommendations of both content and products.


Our goal is to build the optimal commerce solution for plumbing, heating, and home & garden, and in order to create the best customer journey, we decided to evaluate our personalization strategy. We found that Raptor is capable of providing the best unified and personal experience across multiple channels, and we are already seeing the first results.

Tue Abrahamsen

IT Manager, BilligVVS.dk

At Raptor we are all enormously proud to be part of the journey towards the perfect user experience:


We are excited to help BilligVVS realize their towering ambitions and secure exceptional returns. Their challenging goals require maximum effort, but in the long run, the potential is that much greater!

Kenneth Boll

CEO, Raptor Services

About BilligVVS

BilligVVS supplies reasonably priced quality plumbing products to all of Denmark, with subsidiaries in Norway and Sweden.

BilligVVS ApS is owned by Brødrene A&O Johansen A/S, which is listed on the Danish stock exchange and is one of the largest and most established wholesalers to the construction industry.

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