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Your guide to delivering the ultimate customer experience

Did you know that almost two-thirds look at a product in-store and buy it online – or the other way around?

Or that a customer is 90% more likely to convert if she visits 2 to 3 of your touchpoints?

That calls for a new approach that unifies your channels and helps you truly understand how your visitor behaves. The better you know them, the more on-point your communication will be.

Well, you’re in luck! This free e-book guides you through omnichannel as the most important marketing strategy in 2023.

It covers:

  • What omnichannel is (and how it differs from similar approaches like multichannel)
  • How to overcome the typical barriers of omnichannel
  • How companies like Plantorama and Bog & idé have created unique experiences based on the exact needs of their customers.
  • What tools you need to create omnichannel engagement – even if you want to start small.

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