QNTM acquires Raptor, Danish leading software company

Sep 16, 2021 |

Laura Bjerre Schwalbe

By Laura Bjerre Schwalbe


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QNTM Group (QNTM) today announced an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Raptor Services (Raptor), a leading software for product recommendation, personalization, and customer data platform.

Aarhus september 2021


  • QNTM continues to build a strong eco system of consulting, software, and tech companies by adding Raptor to the Group – the Group now consists of 11 companies, complementing in niche and skills. 
  • Raptor is the second Danish software company that QNTM adds to the Group, after the acquisition of the Danish award winning eCom platform Hesehus earlier this year. 
  • Raptor will be the starting point for a new vertical within QNTM named QNTM Web Optimization Group. The ambition is to acquire several niche software companies focusing on making eCom platforms and websites more efficient through higher conversions. The group will be led by Raptor’s CEO Kenneth Boll.

QNTM’s investment in Raptor Service

Raptor is an award-winning software company from Aarhus in Denmark founded in 2013 delivering market-leading personalization solutions and Customer Data Platform for customers like Schibsted, TUI, Nemlig.com and Bauhaus. The solution activates customer data through recommendations and offer relevant customer experiences in all channels.


Why did Raptor choose QNTM?


“We were looking for a partner who could support us in scaling and growing our services outside Denmark, with the same vision and passion as we have. In QNTM we found something different than just a Private Equity-fund, we found an ecosystem with other companies within our industry that we look forward to collaborating with, and with a management in QNTM who focus on true partnership and high ambitions. We will expand our market share internationally to become a European market leader within the next couple of years”, says Kenneth Boll, CEO of Raptor.



“This partnership means we can keep on innovating the product and create valuable solutions for e-commerce businesses everywhere. Our customers have always been a central element in the development of our solutions and adding new markets will only open for even more innovative projects”, says Jan Skov, COO, and Co-founder of Raptor.


Why Raptor is important for QNTM:

“QNTM has started an exciting journey, creating a leading European eco-system of companies of digital consulting, software, and MarTech companies. Raptor is a leading technology in supporting websites and eCom platforms in personalized recommendations of products or content and the Customer Data Platform. The company will be a cornerstone in building QNTM’s new vertical of Web Optimization tools”, says Eivind Roald, CEO in QNTM.


Who is QNTM Group?


QNTM Group is an ecosystem of companies offering consulting, software and technology to support digital transformation for large and medium size enterprises, within the sales and marketing value chain. Today the group consist of 11 companies located in all the Scandinavian countries. The ambition is to build one of Europe’s strongest ecosystems by acquiring and integrating them into QNTM’s six different strong verticals. QNMT is fully owned by Altor fund V.


Who is Raptor?


Raptor Services is a Danish company founded in February 2013. Raptor Services provides a market-leading personalization and Customer Data Platform that activates data to create relevant customer experiences. Raptor Services serves enterprise businesses all over the world with more than +300 customers.


For further information concerning the acquisition please contact:

Eivind Roald
+47 965 10 101
Kenneth Boll
CEO Raptor Services
+45 2026 6594

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