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Mads Sieron Thorsen

By Mads Sieron Thorsen


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Recommendation engines are often used to recommend products that relate to other products. This strategy is common because e-commerce businesses typically generate the most revenue from their product sections.

However, there could be untapped potential in “content to product” recommendations if your site has a section with content such as articles, guides, or videos.

In order to tap that potential, you can show your users which products relate to your piece of content by placing recommendation modules or widgets on your content pages.

How do product recommendations in content work?

Several personalization services recommend products in content by promoting the top-selling products of a webshop, sometimes without considering the relationship between product and content.

However, when user data is considered the performance of product recommendations will always improve.


Empower Relevance

The machine-learning technology behind Raptor’s recommendations causes them to be much more relevant than just the general top selling products.

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Our algorithm generates a list of complementary and relevant products that customers often view with a given content ID. If you operate an e-commerce store, that means you will increase your average visits to products, as well as average order values on your site.

Jan Skov

COO, Raptor Services


The image above shows the product recommendations that appear in an article about lavender growth on, a Danish online garden center.

The calculations are based on real-time user behavior, meaning that you will always see the most relevant products when you browse their content. In this case, lavender plants or plants that are similar to lavender.


Who can use Product to content recommendations?

Any site with a content section that relates to their products can use recommendations in their content. Another great example is Sanistål, a Danish wholesaler to the construction industry.

Generally, they are experts in intelligent data utilization, and in this case, they are at the top of their league.

In their knowledge section, you can find news and articles that relate to the products they sell. Sanistål is using data from Raptor to show products that relate to the articles you are currently reading.


These modules enable their content to drive traffic to their products and ultimately increase their sales.


Recommend content on product pages to inspire loyalty

Online businesses typically invest a lot of resources in content, since it is a great way to drive traffic to a site. Therefore, it is not unnatural to want some exposure to that quality content.

When you recommend content on your product pages, our algorithm generates a list of content IDs that are often viewed in relation to your products.


One of the best examples is, a Danish online grocery store. Among other areas, they use Raptor data to recommend recipes on their product pages.

Here the content recommendations relate to specific ingredients and are used to improve the user experience by providing inspiring cooking ideas.

Ultimately, achieves a higher degree of customer loyalty, as well as a higher customer lifetime value!

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