3 ways to boost your social media campaigns with personalization

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Mads Sieron Thorsen

By Mads Sieron Thorsen


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Did you know that 90% of multiple device owners switch between devices, using an average of 3 devices to complete a task?

Think with Google

The average person spent 142 minutes daily on social media in 2021.  

Whether we’re there for entertainment or to see what our old high school classmates are up to (fascinating, indeed), it’s the place we absent-mindedly turn to on a daily basis. And because of that, it’s a great place to start or continue the buying journey.  

A solid omnichannel strategy is about being present and connected on all platforms – and securing the right communication where your customers are. 

By choosing the right personalization provider, you can personalize banners and modules on the SoMe platforms you are present on. Instead of showing the same products to everyone, you can serve each individual user with the items they are most likely to buy. 

Good news! Raptor already integrates with Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube - and TikTok, Pinterest, and Snapchat are coming up soon.  

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To give you a sense of how it works, let’s go through 3 ways to personalize recommendations on social media.  

How to use personalization on social media 


1. Retargeting campaigns 

Almost 90% of online shopping baskets were left abandoned in March 2020. That number hurts to read. But some visitors just need a subtle reminder of the thing they left behind. 

 If your user has visited your online shop before (looked at products, browsed categories, or left something in their basket) all this information can be used in modules and banners.  

This way, you can target your customer with the item they left in their basket (a strong indicator that they actually want to buy). Or, if they have been ‘window shopping’ on your product pages, you can show them similar items that might be more spot on.  

Nudge your customer towards their 3rd purchase with you. Why? Because data shows that their Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) triples or quadruples after their third conversion, after which you will make your money back many times over. Take-away? Turn up your targeting between the second and third buy! 


2. Get better audiences than the platforms provide

Facebook's pixel can only take you so far when it comes to retargeting website visitors. In fact, it only gives a snippet of information on their behavior across platforms and channels. 

For example, would you consider a person making frequent purchases a high-value customer? What if you knew that this customer returns 90% of their purchases in your physical store? 

A CDP takes all of this information into account when creating audiences. SPORT24 used to achieve a ROAS of 17-20 when using Facebook generated audiences. With a CDP, they now achieve a ROAS of 30-35 - an increase of 92%

Discover how SPORT24 has elevated their paid media campaigns using customer data.



Have you noticed a dip in your campaign performance since the launch of iOS14? If your target audience is iPhone users, all of this data is no longer available, rendering look-a-like audiences basically useless in your paid marketing. A CDP is the key to solve this problem, especially on social media where we tend to use our phones. 


3. Personalized quizzes and games 

Quizzes are a popular and tempting content format on social media. And while they are often viewed as entertainment for users, they are also very useful for recommendation and data collection purposes.  

When a user interacts with a quiz – say, “Find the right running shoes for you”, it has several advantages. Your visitor answers relevant questions that help her find what she is looking for, meaning she is more likely to convert.  

If she doesn’t convert, you now have an abundance of information on her; from likes and preferences to her contact info. All this information is invaluable – for your Customer Data Platform (CDP) as well as your e-mail automation system. And with that, you can now target customers with better recommendations or retargeting campaigns. Importantly, your customer has given you this information without feeling intruded on or inconvenienced in the slightest. Win-win! 



Do you want to know more about omnichannel personalization? Or are you unsure which tools you need to get started? 

Download our free Omnichannel Personalization e-book – your guide to the ultimate marketing strategy of 2022.  

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