5 proven hacks for E-mail Personalization in e-commerce

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Laura Bjerre Schwalbe

By Laura Bjerre Schwalbe


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Are you looking to take your e-mail marketing to the next level and increase conversion rates? Then you are in the right place!

In this blog post, we will reveal 5 smart hacks for e-mail personalization to help you engage your recipients effectively. These hacks will make your e-mails more relevant and compelling, and they come from one of Raptor’s e-mail experts – Jonas Skytte Madsen.

Let's dive into it!

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1. Recreate the abandoned cart

It is so simple, but many retailers are still failing at this!


If you want to recover your abandoned cart and turn potential customers into actual buyers, you must ensure your abandoned cart e-mails are as personalized as possible.

Here, the key is to recreate the cart and make the e-mail look exactly like the cart on your website. Including visuals of the abandoned products in the e-mail can further entice the recipients to complete their purchases.

When recipients click through the e-mail, they should land on the exact cart they abandoned, with all the products intact. This eliminates the extra effort required to re-select items.

Remember, humans are lazy and prefer a seamless shopping experience.

📌 Key takeaway

Visualize the cart in your abandoned cart e-mails to boost click-through rates and conversions and create a seamless customer journey.


2. Dynamic subject lines


In the world of e-mail marketing, you are constantly competing for your customers' attention. To stand out and increase your open rates, you should consider creating dynamic subject lines.

Dynamic subject lines tailor the message to match the recipient's interests, making it more relevant and engaging. If a customer has shown interest in a specific brand or product, you can create subject lines that align with these preferences. This personalized touch can make your e-mails more appealing and will have a positive impact on your open rates.

📌 Key takeaway

Dynamic subject lines based on customer’s interests can enhance engagement and open rates.


3. Automatic and personalized campaignsdrag-and-drop-email

Perhaps, you struggle to build your campaign e-mails from scratch every time.

The picture below shows a variable determining that this particular product is featured in your campaign.

With this line, you can go into your e-mail platform and simply drag and drop products that are currently a part of your campaign into your recommendations.

It means you don’t have to start over every time, and you avoid asking your graphic team to make you a Photoshop file with all the campaign products.

By placing this variable in the feed or on a dynamic list, your recommendations will always be updated with the current campaign products. This will save you a lot of time and might even increase your e-mail performance.


📌 Key takeaway

Improve your campaign e-mails with automated product recommendations to save time and strengthen your e-mail performance.


4. Execution order, priorities, and suppression

Managing multiple e-mail flows can be a complex task. To ensure your e-mail marketing strategy is effective, it is vital to establish an execution order, prioritize campaigns, and use suppression strategies.


Send your customers the most relevant e-mails by prioritizing high-converting content. This may involve suppressing less relevant campaigns when more compelling ones are active.

If I qualify for receiving product interest e-mails, abandoned cart e-mails and maybe several more e-mail triggers. Then you want to make sure that the one being sent to me is the best-performing e-mail.

For example, an abandoned cart e-mail will always overrule any other automated e-mail because it is the best performing and therefore, your best chance of getting a conversion.

A price-drop trigger should also be preferred over a regular newsletter because it is based on the specific subscriber’s behavior and will more likely end up with a purchase.

Learn more about Behavioral E-mail Triggers

With proper execution order and suppression strategies, you guarantee that customers receive e-mails that cater to their specific interests. And it prevents you from being too pushy towards your customers.

📌 Key takeaway

Prioritizing and suppressing e-mail flows can optimize the delivery of the most relevant and converting e-mails.


5. Dynamic and rule-based splashes


For a final touch of personalization, consider including rule-based splashes in your e-mails.

These splashes can feature different messages, such as 'New Item,' 'Summer Sale,' 'Exclusively Online,' or '10 people bought this yesterday,' depending on the unique selling points of the product.

You can include these splashes within your product inventory feed or on a separate list, ensuring they automatically appear in your e-mails. This adds an active and attention-grabbing element to your e-mails, further personalizing the customer experience.

📌 Key takeaway

Dynamic, rule-based splashes make your e-mails more engaging and highlight certain products of your choice.



When working with e-mail marketing, personalization is the key to success. By implementing these 5 hacks, you can create e-mails that truly resonate with the recipients, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Go ahead and try these strategies and watch your e-commerce business thrive with personalization.


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