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Mads Sieron Thorsen

By Mads Sieron Thorsen


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The Sale Module is tailored specifically to shops that want or already have a Sale or Outlet page. It allows for full personalization of large quantities of items on sale, bringing relevance to each individual user and increasing sales.

By employing personalization for sale items, you can increase order value for bargain hunters.


A customer is looking for women’s running shoes on your site, the Sale Module will show other or all women’s running shoes on sale. With Raptor you can also refine listings to prioritize high margin products or items you wish to clear quickly from stock.

The Sale Module makes it easier to keep sale and non-sale items apart. This is especially useful for keeping catalogue listings free from sale items, generally ensuring larger average order value, as sale items won’t contaminate listings.


How does Raptor Sale Module work?

Raptor’s Sale Module algorithm creates its output through 10 steps:


  1. Find all products on sale
  2. Boost products a customer have already visited
  3. Boost products a customer have already bought
  4. Boost products similar to already visited items
  5. Boost products sold with other products, the customer have already bought (2-5 are weighed relatively against each other)
  6. Remove products the customer bought in the last month (can be tweaked if for instance re-purchasing is prioritized)
  7. Find generally popular products (backfilling for instances with a smaller amount of personalized recommendations, as well as for new customers with no other information to personalize from)
  8. Boost products with high monetary savings
  9. Boost products with high percentage savings (8-9 are weighed relatively against each other)
  10. Filter results to leave out specific products.



You need the appropriate Raptor Advisor, either Web or E-mail.



It only takes a few hours to get up and running with Sale Module for web and e-mail. Implementation is done by our Professional Services team and adding the functionality to both web and e-mail takes only marginally longer than for just one of them.

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