E-mail Triggers can secure conversion during Black Friday 2022

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Mads Sieron Thorsen

By Mads Sieron Thorsen


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The Black Friday season is upon us, and when working with e-commerce it’s essential to prepare for the biggest shopping period of the year. When we are bargain hunting, our brains work in different ways. Our attention span is shorter, our reactions faster, and there are more bids for our attention than usual.

That’s why you need to make sure you send the right message to the right people at the right time.
By tracking your customer’s behavior on your site, you can empower your e-mail marketing platform with detailed customer data - and start e-mail flows based on the exact place in your customer’s journey. We call that Behavioral Triggers.


In this post we’ll go through 3 types of trigger mails powered by behavioral data – and how to use them to secure conversion during Black Friday 2022.



Back in stock 

Sometimes you’ll experience that products are out of stock but still visible on your website – especially during Black Friday. If a subscriber shows interest in a product that’s out of stock, you can automatically send them an e-mail trigger whenever the specific product is back in stock and invite them to add the product to the basket directly from e-mail. 


36% of customers makelimited-time-sale-3 purchase decisions based on “Promotions or limited sales”


During Black Friday it’s also a good idea to plan on the scarcity effect to increase your revenue. The scarcity effect means that customers have a greater interest in a product that is scarce than a product that is available in abundance. In fact, 36% of customers make purchase decisions on “promotions or limited sales”. When a customer is interested in a low in stock product, don’t hesitate to tell the customer it’s their last chance to purchase the product. 


Abandoned basket triggersabandoned-basket-neye

The abandoned basket rate has been alarming in the past years during Black Friday - in 2021 the shopping cart abandonment for Black Friday was 76,63%. When reminding the customer of their abandoned basket it’s more likely they will come back and finish their purchase. Let the customer know that you saved their basket of products and make it easy for them to return and complete the last steps. Don’t consider them lost, but rather as an opportunity for you to show them what you’re worth. 
So, when should this e-mail be sent out? Normally, you might want to send out an abandoned basket e-mail once after a couple of hours have passed. During Black Friday, we recommend setting the send-out to 1 hour- to match your customer’s faster decisions.


Price Drop triggers

The key word for Black Friday is discount. When a user is deciding to buy a product or not, the price is often a big factor. A decrease in price can therefore be the final nudge towards a purchase. It’s hard to say no to a discount and it’s even harder when it’s a product of your interest. That’s why Price Drop triggers are relevant!  
Send an e-mail trigger to your subscribers when the price drops on a product they are interested in. Price Drop triggers can also be used when a subscriber has left a product in the basket. When that product decreases in price, a trigger e-mail will notify them about the discount and encourage them to purchase. 


Read the case

And speaking of - our customer Zizzi achieved an +8% conversion rate on Price Drop triggers




Zizzi experiences open rates as high as 63% on Price Drop trigger e-mails

Zizzi has no manual processes concerning their use of Price Drop trigger





Behavioral e-mail triggers are a great way to win back subscribers and encourage them to finish their purchase. But make sure to start early - 54% of consumers start their Black Friday shopping early and that number is expected to increase in 2022.

So go get started and prepare for a great Black Friday season with increased conversion! 

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